aes aeris, n    crude metal, base metal, copper: uti aere pro nummo, Cs.: aeris metalla, V.— Hence, bronze, an alloy of copper and tin: ex aere statua.—As symbol of indomitable courage: aes triplex Circa pectus, H.; of durability: monumentum aere perennius, H.: quae (acta) ille in aes incidit, i. e. engraved on a copper tablet for deposit in the aerarium: in aere incidere: aera legum, i. e. tablets inscribed with the laws.—Plur., works of art in bronze, bronzes: grata aera, H.: aera voltum simulantia, a bust, H.: aere ciere viros, a trumpet, V.: aeris cornua flexi, O.—Plur, cymbals, H.: aera micantia cerno, i. e. arms of bronze, V.: spumas salis aere ruebant, with the prow, V.: inquinavit aere tempus aureum, i. e. degeneracy, H.: aes exigitur, i. e. money, H.: meret aera, earns money, H.: gravis aere dextra, V.: danda aera militibus, L.: octonis referentes Idibus aera, i. e. carrying the teacher's fees, H.—Esp. in the phrases, aes alienum, another's money, i. e. debt: aes alienum suscipere amicorum, assume: in aere alieno esse: conflare, S.: aere alieno premi, Cs.: dissolvere, discharge: solvere, S.: te aere alieno liberare: ex aere alieno laborare, to be oppressed by debt, Cs.: nexus ob aes alienum, bound for debt, L. —Hence, librāque et aere liberatus, released from the debtor's bond, L.—Aes mutuum reddere, borrowed money, S.—Aes suum, one's own money: meosum pauper in aere, i. e. I am poor, but not in debt, H.—Fig. (colloq.): te in meo aere esse, i. e. at my service. — The unit of the coin standard (cf. as): aes grave, the old heavy money, a pound of copper: denis millibus aeris gravis reos condemnat, L.— And aes alone and in the gen sing. (cf assium): aeris miliens, triciens, C., L.—Fig., wages earned: annua aera habes, L.; hence, military service: istius aera illa vetera, campaigns.
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aeris N N
money, pay, fee, fare; copper/bronze/brass, base metal; (w/alienum) debt; gong

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